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The Falling Leaves

Between the cold and silence.. There’s tears. There’s a smile. I seeĀ strength, but the feckless covers everything, like those falling leaves, withering. Falling in the beauty of the sadness, spirit, love, and faith. Looking for people’s help, “Please, don’t leave me!” I’m holding them, but emptiness seems taking over me. Falling again. Do I forget… Continue reading The Falling Leaves


Aminah Quthb’s Poem for Her Husband

I’ve got this from “Agar Bidadari Cemburu Padamu” book by ‘aidh alQarni. Happy reading šŸ™‚ Aku tidak menunggu kepulangan dan janji-janji sore Aku tidak menunggu kereta kan kembali memawa secercah harap Kau tinggalkan aku mengarungi hari-hari dalam kebisuan derita Kau lihatkah bahwa rinduku untuk surga atau cinta kelangitan Kau lihatkah bahwa janji itu untuk Allah… Continue reading Aminah Quthb’s Poem for Her Husband