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K-series: Kingdom Season 1

Original title: 깅덤 Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller Episodes: 6 episodes aired at January 25th, 2019 Network: Netflix Plot Telling the story of Crown Prince (Lee Chang) of Joseon dynasty who was investigating a mysterious plague spreading across the country. It was started from rumor about the King’s ill condition. The latest Queen forbid everyone… Continue reading K-series: Kingdom Season 1

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K-drama: Memories of Alhambra

Original Title: 알함브라 궁전의 추억 Genre: Science Fiction, Melodrama, Thriller, Fantasy Episodes: 16 Network: tvN Moving from police procedural series, Korea tried to give us another interesting yet unique genre of their drama by combining fiction and future generation of technology development, Augmented Reality (AR). It was a brilliant idea that they wanted to gain… Continue reading K-drama: Memories of Alhambra

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Konsumen Youtube

Sebagai stay-at-home mom, intensitas saya berinteraksi dengan Youtube meningkat cukup signifikan. Salah satu alasannya adalah dengan menonton di Youtube saya bisa memilih dan memilah apa saja yang saya suka atau penting untuk ditonton dan tentu dengan jumlah iklan yang tidak terlalu banyak dan lama. Channel yang saya sering buka berkisar tentang pembicaraan politik dan isu-isu… Continue reading Konsumen Youtube

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K-drama: Thirty but Seventeen (Still 17)

Title: 서른이지만 열일곱입니다 (Still 17) Episodes: 32 Channel: SBS Genre: Melodrama, Comedy, Romance Finally, I found my second favorite K-drama after Full House. It is quite difficult to me to find and get immersed into K-drama like Full House. Full House had fresh flow on each episode. I like K-drama that has proprotional part of… Continue reading K-drama: Thirty but Seventeen (Still 17)

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The Mentalist Season 1

Title: The Mentalist Season 1 Genre: Crime, Mystery, Action Release : 2008 – 2009 Episode: 23 episodes Mentalist: Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis, and/or suggestion. A Master of manipulator of thought and behavior Another U.S. series introduced by Nana. This series was actually aired in 2008. A police-procedural U.S. series I’ve watched after Castle… Continue reading The Mentalist Season 1