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(The) Art of Dakwah

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Kali ini, saya ingin me-review sedikit tentang buku yang baru saja selesai saya baca. Honestly, ada beberapa buku yang telah selesai saya baca, tetapi belum sempat menulis review-nya. Nah, kali ini saya akan membahas tentang buku baru karangan Felix Siauw. Mungkin beberapa dari kalian telah membaca review saya tentang buku-buku beliau sebelumnya… Continue reading (The) Art of Dakwah

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Some Focus On The Myths. Instead, Learn About The Babies Brain Facts

Entering my 3rd trimester makes me confused, afraid, and overthinking about what will happen next in my pregnancy. Can I survive? Is my baby boy alright? Many positive and negative thoughts come and go. My husband and I never had the intention to delay for having a baby. Though I just know that the syndrome is… Continue reading Some Focus On The Myths. Instead, Learn About The Babies Brain Facts

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Plagiarism is A Big Mistake(?)

“We are living in the world that most people only care about their private interest.” We often hear about plagiarism accusation news. Certain company complaints another company which was thought as a thief. People got annoyed when others copied their style, how they are dressing, eating, talking. The world becomes dull, no more innovations. Recently,… Continue reading Plagiarism is A Big Mistake(?)

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A World Without Islam – Graham E. Fuller

“Imagine, if you will, a world without Islam. Nearly impossible, it would seem, when images and references to Islam dominate our headlines, airwaves, computer screens, and political debates.” Written by Graham E. Fuller, Former Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA. This book doesn’t judge which side is right or wrong. It’s about… Continue reading A World Without Islam – Graham E. Fuller

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How to Master Your Habits

“There’s a question which is always interesting to be discussed for whoever who care of self-improvement: “Why can a person be a master of a certain skill while the others can’t?”.  For most people, skill is talent matters. For others, skill is about exercise and repetition.” That’s what written behind this book. Well, actually there’s additional… Continue reading How to Master Your Habits