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K-series: Life on Mars

Original title: 라이프 온 마스
Episodes: 16
Channel: OCN
Genre: Police Procedural, Crime, Sci-fi

Recently, my husband and I just finished k-series entitled Life on Mars. As I read some reviews about it, this drama was a remake of UK series with the same title. I’ve watched another remake drama too, Criminal Minds, but in my opinions, it wasn’t as great as original version. For this one, I couldn’t compare them because I haven’t watch the original Life on Mars which was aired in 2008.

The concept of this drama

is quite similar to other K-series such as Signal and Tunnel which combined thriller and science fiction. The difference is on its unique flow and time elapse concept. It also brings different case compared to previous police procedural K-series which chose famous murder stories.

The plot was about forensic police investigator, Han Tae-joo (Jun Kyung-hoo) who was in coma after getting hit during the chasing of serial murder. He suddenly woke up in 1988. He didn’t know why it happened nor how to come back to present time.
There, he met a police team which then worked with him to solve the criminal cases. It brought him to get the answer of his questions about criminal case that he was working before having an accident. In the mean time, he still had no clue about his state during his life in bygone wheather he was still in coma or not.

The intriguing flow of Tae-joo’s life was interesting. It left the audience with so many thought and questions about how actually the film went to. I even searched about the ending explanation. If you ever watched or heard about Inception, this drama is kind of that. A little bit romance story, comedy, and melodrama also gave extra credit for this thriller series. It’s worth to watch for mystery drama lovers.

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