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K-drama: Thirty but Seventeen (Still 17)

Title: 서른이지만 열일곱입니다 (Still 17)
Episodes: 32
Channel: SBS
Genre: Melodrama, Comedy, Romance

Finally, I found my second favorite K-drama after Full House. It is quite difficult to me to find and get immersed into K-drama like Full House. Full House had fresh flow on each episode. I like K-drama that has proprotional part of tears and happiness. And Thirthy but Seventeen can satisfy me.

It told about a young girl, Woo Seo-ri (Shin Hye-sun), who had an accident and was in coma for 13 years. She woke up as 30 years old lady and got shock about what happened to her in 13 years. Then she went to her house and found it was sold. There she met Gong Woo-jin (Yang Se-jong), his nephew, Yoo Chan (Ahn Hyo-seop), and Jennifer (Ye Ji-won) the housekeeper.

As they lived together, the mystery of relationship among them were revealed one by one especially about Woo-jin and Seo-Ri which had romantic story in the past before the accident.

The flow of the drama was quite similar to others but the twist was a nice catch. The story about who was paid Seo-ri’s hospital bill and about her uncle were so heart touching. The innocence love story between the leads also gave me fresh show by knowing that almost all K-drama had predictable romance scenes.

The appearance of Jennifer and Chan’s friend, Deok-soo and Hae-beom gave more energetic atmosphere to this drama. Chan’s girlfriend wanna-be was also adorable. I liked how Seo-ri and Chan always had happy and cheerful talks.

The young actors of Seo-ri, Woo-jin and friends also gave great quality to this drama. They chose right actors who represented well their adult life. Thumbs up!

And this is the first time that the second lead was the nephew of the main lead. Even Hyung-tae as Seo-ri’s admirer didn’t have many scene to show that he had more chance to be with Seo-ri than Chan. The supporting actors and actresses such as Kim Tae-rin and Woo-jin’s office mates gave more colors to this drama. Hats off for cutie dog and chick junior too!

Overall, I love this drama. It was success to put harmony among romance, melodrama, and comedy and not many skinships. Recommended to watch!

P.S. Honestly, I was hoping that the Chan’s girl wanna-be also appeared at the last dinner.

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