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Product Review : Maison Elmesa

Hello, moms! In this post I wanna share about my favorite blanket brand for baby and toddler. I know this brand after receiving gift for Ihsan from a friend of my husband.
First impression is ‘this is the best blanket!’ It has comfortable fabric that is suitable to use in tropical country as it’s not too thin nor too thick. Its size fits toddler though sometimes they produce big size. I think they don’t do mass production. I know this since they hold product only for 2 hours.

For me, the price is quite affordable, around 150K for on-the-go series, 190K for pattern series, and 290K for special design and custom. It comes with nice packaging. Every Thursday on their Instagram, they give quiz for free blanket, though I haven’t won it yet. Ahaha. Not my luck.

I’m type of person who is lazy to hunt better seller or better product. If I find the ‘click’ one, I will buy from the same seller. I recommend this local brand for you. You can check their website or Instagram. Recently they open store in Tokopedia where you can pre-order some old pattern design. Happy shopping, moms!

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