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The Mentalist Season 1

Title: The Mentalist Season 1
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Action
Release : 2008 – 2009
Episode: 23 episodes


Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis, and/or suggestion.
A Master of manipulator of thought and behavior

Another U.S. series introduced by Nana. This series was actually aired in 2008. A police-procedural U.S. series I’ve watched after Castle and Criminal mind.

The lead actor is Patrick Jane, portrayed by Simon Baker. He was a con psychic until Red John, an infamous serial killer killed his wife and his child after he made an unnecessary comment of that reaper on a TV show. Shockingly finding his family murdered, he decides to work as a consultant in CBI (California Bureau of Investigation). There he meets Senior Agent Theresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), along with her team, agent Kimball Cho (Tim Kang), Rigsby (Owain Yeoman), and a rookie agent, Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti).

He believes that by teaming up with CBI he can catch Red John easier. Jane helps CBI to solve many criminal cases using his skill as a mentalist. Yep! He said that he could “read mind”, directing his interlocutor’s mind to get the clue of related case.

The acting skill of Simon Baker is very good in my opinion. He smoothy combined his cheerful character together with his grudge against the reaper, Red John. Showing his sadness, grudge, confusedness, every time he met new cases of Red John which haunting him. In other cases, fearless and confident was him. Inversely when facing Red John’s case.

The supporting actors and actresses are also well-combined to Patrick Jane’s character. Not putting romance as the main plot (different to Castle), make this series better than I expected. In season 1, the romance side is brought by Van Pelt and Rigsby. They have found problem against the CBI rules–“No relationship between people in the same unit.”

Though it has longer episode than K-series, the stories of each episode which were written by a screenwriter, Bruno Heller are far from boring. Still on the way to finish Season 2. It’s worth to watch anyway.

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