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K-Series : 비밀의 숩 (Secret Forest/Stranger)

Title : 비밀의 숩 (Secret Forest/Stranger)

Genre : Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Duration : 16 episodes

Network : tvN

Release : June 10 – July 30 2017

Another classy drama was aired by tvN. Heard it from my dearly friend, Nana, that the series was also aired on Netflix. Crime series is being trend in Korea recently. This is the 4th drama I’ve watched after Signal, Voice, and Tunnel. Of course the quality of the story and video itself was different to SBS/KBS’ series, such as Innocent Defendant and Whisper (haven’t finished it yet for Whisper).

It’s started when Hwang Si-Mok (Cho Seung-Woo), emotionless prosecutor who got brain surgery during his childhood finds a dead body. Not having emphaty and being individual prosecutor, he starts investigating that bizarre murder by himself. There, he meets police woman, Liutenant Han Yeo-Jin (Bae Doo-Na) who wants to stop him for investigating the incident. 

As Si-Mok tries to solve the puzzle of the murder, in the end he becomes a team with Yeo-Jin to find the culprit behind the incident. New incidents and suspicious people are following them. The found clues are pointing to criminal and bribery case inside their office. Many people in their office, even their close friend are being suspecious thus they can’t believe in anyone.

Full of intrigues, Secret Forest brought such a great show. Couldn’t guess easily who the rogue was. Overall plots are well-built.  The characters and their skill of acting of the actors and actress strengthened the quality of the series. Si-Mok could play it well as emotionless person though the supporting actors and actress had better on it. It’s complementer one to another.

However, it’s not called as K-drama if there is no drama in it. How the story writer (Lee Soo-Yeon) insert the romance as side story was another nice part of this series.

Unfortunately, the ending for me was a little bit anti-climax. After unpredictable incident on episode 13th and 14th, the closure of the series seems not profound. And the twist was predictable. One thing that the writer wanted to tell us is that big company as Hanjo Group was not easy to be destroyed by law or any other rules. Worth to watch. 


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