A Priceless Gift

Our stories had been written. The good and the bad, happiness and sadness, friendship and love. I thank Allah for everything I have in my life.

“When I wake up in the morning, what do I say?

Thank you Allah for this beautiful day. Thank you Allah for this beautiful day.”

–Thank You Allah– Zain Bhika

Two countries, 3 cities, 4 hospitals, and finally, giving birth to our son in Bandung. Yes, we traveled quite a lot. Moving between 2 countries, Korea to Indonesia, among 3 cities, Seoul, Bogor, Bandung, and moving from one hospital to another during my final trimester. And finally, the destiny brought us to Bandung, the “sea of fire” city.

Enjoying the process.”

Some people said that I should delay my pregnancy. But, I chose to receive Allah’s blessing whenever it would come. Yes, my husband and I believe that children are the priceless blessing from Allah.

However, life is about being grateful and patient. Our son, he is a precious gift from Allah . He brings so much joy and hopefully blessing to our small family. Listening to his first cry, feeling the warmth of his very first pee right after the labor, and touching his wrinkled hands. 

His name is Muhammad Ihsan Abdillah. His abi (dad) and ummi (mom) pray to Allah that he will have our prophet’s (Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wassallam) attitude, be a good and kind one, and be Allah’s worshiper.

Now, I can experience what my mom and elder sisters experienced as a full time mom. I’m still learning to be one. Honestly, it’s not easy for me, especially because I am kind of active-woman. I like strolling around, making a plan to go to some places, and so-on that can make me feel free to do what I like. 

Mother is the first school for her children.

Apparently, being a mom forces me to find another meaning of being free. I realize that being a parent is not an easy task. In Islam, we were taught that children were the responsibility that we needed to account in the afterlife. However, deciding to be a wife and mom is another challenging choice I’ve ever made. Deciding to be a parent means that we signed the binding contract without getting any paycheck for the rest of our life. If I don’t say it’s tiring, that would be a lie. It’s tiring yet gladdening. Preparing everything for him, breastfeeding, trying to be fun and making a silly face, staying alarmed for any craving-for-milk call. I count them as the blessing.

Indeed, I couldn’t do all of those activities without big support from my husband and families. My husband is not a kind of no-housewife-works-for-a-man. He helped me even though I didn’t ask. He helped me to bath Ihsan, cook, and tidy up the room. We are studying, praying, and trying together. I’ve learned a lot about religion from him.

My parents’ unconditionally love also come along with us. All of the helps are meant a lot, especially for me and husband who are staying far from our big family.

It’s a very late post. However, welcome to this beautiful world, my baby boy. You’ve traveled a lot since in the womb. Let’s grow and travel more. We may not have good plans for you, but Allah always has His best plans for you, for us. We will always try to be the best for you, for Allah’s sake.

Allah loves you. We love you. Happy 3rd month, my little Ihsan.

Hush little baby, pure and small

He created you, He created us all

Hush little baby, don’t you fear

We’re never alon, when Allah’s so near

Hush little baby, breathing so calm

He’ll protect us all and keep us from harm

Hush little baby, still and serene

You are a Muslim, Islam’s your deen.

–Hush Little Baby– Zain Bhika

5 thoughts on “A Priceless Gift

  1. Hey Fitrah…tiba-tiba pengen lihat blog-mu lagi….:)
    Semoga dek Ihsan bisa menjadi anak yang sholeh dan berbakti pada orang tua….

  2. Congratulations for the newly born baby. What an exquisite name! My first son too credits the Great Phophet’s name in hope he’ll inherit his lofty manners and truthful character along his life. Abdillah, it’s profound gg too and I’m praying Ihsan will grow into a man of great virtue while always serving Allah in every possible way.
    We share the same town by the way, Bogor, and I’m happy to find your blog. The fact that we’ll be moving to East Java will be a reason that I’ll enjoy reading your blog as I’ll be able to practice my English.
    Oh, one more thing, give my big hello to your beloved hubby as he’s probably like me who also gives my hand for my wife. Well, this is perhaps I’m jobless unlike Mas Alfian. 😁
    Congrats again and happy new year….

    1. What a pleasure to know you through the blog.. well, I knew your blog from suggestion and your writings are so much better than mine.. it’s good to have good and nice reference for my writing..
      Thank you for your praying anyway.. 😊
      Oh, jobseeker or businessman to be? 😎

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