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Virtual Makeup and Image Processing

Do you like to post your photos on social media like Facebook or Instagram? Do you usually use the filter features on them before you post it? If yes, I think you have to try this superb photo editing application on your smartphone.

Some days ago, my friend stopped by to my rent house. She showed me about an Android application. She showed me like she was one of the marketers of that application 😁. The application was named, Makeup Plus. Honestly, I am not a fan of mobile phone photo editing tools. I have installed Camera 360 then uninstalled it right after several experiments on it :mrgreen:. The things which made me interested in this kind of application were the technology and technique they used for developing this such of don’t-spend-your-money-on-makeup or tune-up-your-selfies application.

Makeup plus is another kind of light photo editing tool that provides a feature to make up our face on photo among a bunch of similar applications on Google Play or App Store or Windows Store. Of course ,the main function of this application is to make user’s photo looks more good looking without complex editings like what Pro always do using Adobe Lightroom or other advanced software. Makeup Plus offers captivating features, especially for women (or maybe some of men) who like to post their good looking photo on their social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Easy and fast photo editing to make up photos (faces) virtually. Putting on the foundation, changing the lipstick color, giving blush-on effect, drawing eyeliner and eyelids, even choosing contact lens for more dramatic effects to tune up the selfies.


Another interesting feature is, Makeup Plus also provides the editor that let the users determine certain detected face areas (eyes, lips, nose, etc), marked by dots.  This kind of technique I ever saw it and studied a little bit in Image Processing class–though mostly we’d got scolded by the professor because he thought we couldn’t understand well on this. Well, yes, we were πŸ˜‚.

Apart from that quite funny experience in the class, the Makeup Plus application, I think, uses a similar concept as my team’s final project in Image Processing class. Active Appearance Model (AAM) or perhaps more precise to the lower level of it, Active Shape Model (ASM). The concept of AAM was to model or create the novel image from our training data. We didn’t code the system because among classmates’ topic, ours were too complicated and we were too lazy to change the topic. The researchers who wrote the paper wrote the code using Java and made the simulation on the MATLAB.

PCA in Active Appearance Model

The process of AAM was we made training set of some expressionist faces and marked the important point using landmark point (see picture above). All the important sample of the image will be saved and will be used as training set. Shortly, if we input new image, the system can imitate the face from a training set of the most similar landmark points of the original photo. This kind of concept usually uses for face detection. Another similar concept I’ve mentioned, ASM is used in medical field to detect the internal organ of human by knowing the shape of related internal organ. The principal difference between them is AAM uses shape and texture in the process while ASM only uses  theshape of the objects.

Active Shape Model Usage in Medical Field

In Makeup Plus application, they use the landmarks for marking the area that shows each part that can be edited (i.e., eyes, eyelid, lips, nose, face side, etc). For the coloring, perhaps they change the whole tone for natural looks, but differ the tune on the certain area (marked area). Well, I cannot explain more deeply because unfortunately I didn’t delve well this subject and my professor didn’t explain in depth about it. Computer vision are is still famous and interesting among researchers and companies. Many of products, both hardware and software were produced to implement the theory of image processing. If you are interested in computer vision, you can try to make one application like Makeup Plus. If you are just the users of this kind of products, I think Makeup Plus is quite interesting to be tried.

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