Sad Girl

Now they can see her tears.

It happens again.

She lets her hands to be held.

“Don’t hold them if you want to leave her at the end!”

And she’s crying.

She always cries.

I don’t know what it is.

But “this thing” is excruciatingly killing her.

Killing her smile, her happiness, her faith.

“You will be okay.”

“Be strong.”

The wind becomes strong and stronger.

She’s frail.

Shivering from cold.

Will she die?

“No. She will survive.”

“Because I love her.”

5269 Kilometers

Being lonely traveler doesn’t mean we don’t need another person to live with. Especially if we are going abroad for long time. Friend. Of course that word could not replace “family”. But, somehow it’s completing our life stories, filling the emptiness when we feel so lonely and we could not talk directly to our family.

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

People tend to make their comfort zone, even though they like new things or challenges. I read some articles about living in new place and there’s so many unique things that people can do to survive, one of them is creating a new comfort zone for themselves.

Everybody has heard of peer pressure, but most people argue that they are not affected by it, or at least not affected as ‘most people.’  The truth is, we are all affected by the people we interact with, many of whom we don’t even know personally.  Our social environments play a significant role in how we view ourselves, and conversely, how we see ourselves impacts our view of the world. Continue reading

“Should I Marry You?”

Because they think we are precious and need to be protected.. We get freedom by covering our body..

Fitrah, if I saw your hair, should I marry you?” Asked one of my Vietnamese boyfriends.

That question made me and my friend burst out laughing. Because we are living with so many different people, from different countries, different religions, different cultures, we often throw questions each others during lunch and dinner time.

No. You should not marry me. Let say it in simple words. Our beauty is only for our husband. It doesn’t mean you have to marry me if you see my hair unintentionally. But we keep trying to hide our beauty for Halal-labeled only

Christmas Eve in Korea

“Oh, I really do miss you, Indonesia.”

It’s too quiet here. I didn’t celebrate Christmas, but still it was too quiet. Different to Indonesia, South Korea has only a few of believers. Yep, I still don’t know why, but it makes the nuance here is not that colorful as in Indonesia. Christmas eve is just like  another Sunday. I don’t know. I just didn’t get any soul of Christmas Eve here.

I miss the chaotic in my country. Indonesia is not developed country, still developing country. Indonesia has many problems. Indonesia is not clean. Indonesia is not safe as South Korea or other developed countries. But, Indonesia is the place where I was born. Indonesia doesn’t have snow or spring, but Indonesia has its unique greenness. Indonesia always has smile. Yes, Indonesia has some tolerance problems. However, I always feel that there’s always great feeling in every big holiday whether it’s related to religion, nationality, ethnic, and so-on. Oh, yes, I really do miss you, Indonesia.

I hope Indonesia could have such a great urban planning as South Korea has. I hope Indonesia could have free museum for all people. I hope Indonesian could be orderly and organized. But, the more that I want, the more that I miss Indonesia itself. I don’t want Indonesia which has snow. I don’t want Indonesia that has many malls. I just miss the way you are, Indonesia.

Alloh always sends happiness through people around me. :)
Alloh always sends happiness through people around me. :) Got chocolate and cookies from cafe I frequently come.

#just another random post; another way to treat my yearning for home.