The Warmth of Winter

Coming with the cold of winter and the cold of people here, I found the warmth, between my yearning for home and my effort to keep staying here. Allah always knows what I need. Allah sent me piles of gifts. My first winter in my life. I could see the beauty of unique tiny thing called snow. The sophisticated buildings became silent witness of what people were struggling for. From the most important things to cheesy moments. From the precious moments to simple things. From the smile of the strangers to the smile of close friends.

“First, you will start to miss Indonesian foods. Second, you will really miss the nuance of Indonesia. Third, you will miss the kindness of Indonesians. Forth, you will really really miss home.


Instead of exposing the bad things happened there, why don’t you try t0 love something? Anything. Love is contagious, even for a small thing. It can be affected other things. It sounds like denial, but it’s better than over thinking of negative things.”


March will end soon. Season will change. Welcome, spring! It’s the right time to move on, may be. The beauty of the snows, I couldn’t see it again. But God will show me another beauty of this world, blossom.  Continue reading

Why do social games spread fast?

Recently, I have interesting discussion with my professor. We are still looking for good topic to become a research topic. Although we still can’t get one yet, many things that we have talked about. Actually the discussion came from this question, “What does make video game addictive?” My professor said, before we study more about that, let’s make clear the difference between social game and multiplayer.

I found this source that answers my professor’s question briefly. So, the main difference that we can see directly is mutliplayer games are played synchronously. The players play in the same in-game area or place. Without considering the platform, here is some games that can be played as multiplayer game. You can find them on steam.

DOTA 2 – World of Warcraft

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Things to Say to Someone in Grief

“The pleasure of remembering had been taken from me, because there was no longer anyone to remember with. It felt like losing your co-rememberer meant losing the memory itself, as if the things we’d done were less real and important than they had been hours before.”
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Many people want to cheer up the one grieving. But not all of them choose the fit things to do or say. I found this article 2 years ago along with my old post “Lima Tahapan Kesedihan (The 5 Stages of Grief)“. Although this site mostly talks about grief in case of losing someone who died, but I think some of the words they’ve written also can be used in other cases, such as supporting the depression people because of losing their job, getting bad score in class, etc.

The worst things to say to someone in Grief

  1.  At least she lived a long life, many people die young. 
  2. He is in a better place.
  3. She brought this on herself.
  4. There is a reason for everything.
  5. Aren’t you over him yet, he has been dead for awhile now. 
  6. You can have another child still.
  7. She was such a good person. God wanted her to be with Him.
  8. I know how you feel.
  9. She did what she came here to do and it was her time to go.
  10. Be strong. 

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Cat Cafe :: A Modern Zoo or A Modern Cafe?

Cat Cafe @Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

Last weekend, I went to unique and famous cafe, Cat Cafe. This cafe is located at Myeongdong, another crowded location and shopping center in Seoul. As its name, this cafe is full of cats. We can see cats on desks, chairs, walking around, some are sleeping. The beverages and snacks they serve are similar to other cafes, the difference is only the cats–beautiful and well-treated cats. We only need 8000 KRW per person including drink we order. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the photo of the list of their names, so I named them all as Cat :mrgreen:.

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