The sheikh asked me “What is the cheapest rock on this planet?” I replied “Coal.”

“And what is the most expensive?” I replied “Diamonds.”

The sheikh answered “And what are both made of?” I answered “Carbon.”

He continued “That’s right and you know what the only difference between the two are? Pressure.

Pressure creates beautiful things and when Allāh (ﷻ) tests you with difficult situations it is because He wants to shape you into the most beautiful thing possible.”

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Deemo :: When the greatness of rhythmics mingles with the beauty of arts

Deemo is an Android and an iOS game that brings old fashion tapping game mechanics. Although we can find similar games with similar genre in Play Store and App Store, but this game provides unique design and its own music arrangements.

With its unique artwork, Deemo also has stories of this main character (Deemo) and a little girl who’s fell down from nowhere. Although the stories doesn’t have any direct relation to the main gameplay, the cutscenes give well interlude along with the progression of the level. The more we play the game, the higher the tree will grow which indicates the progress.

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Virtual Reality :: between imagination and reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has its trend again recently while people have less interest to Augmented Reality (AR) yet (but honestly Hololens is very cool). Many hardware that support VR and AR technologies are introduced recently–Oculus VR products (Rift and Samsung Gear VR), Hololens, HTC Vive, Morpheus, Google Cardboard, and some not-famous-branded product such as Mojing VR. The happy news is they also provide SDK for the developers and for specific game engines, thus, everyone can develop their own VR apps.

AR vs VR Trend via Google Trends
AR vs VR Trend via Google Trends

VR has become research topic since in the late of 1950s. Many of them use VR fas simulator. For example in military field, they use VR for shooting training or parachute training. The basic concept of VR is similar to our old toy below that was introduced in 1939. They use stereoscopic images for both right eye and left eye which will give depth (binocular depth) effect when we use both. Continue reading

The Lost Pieces

It’s just another great day.” She always says something like that. She had good principle. Until she chose the not-so-right path. I know her. But, when she met a guy–a stranger who always stays beside her now, I feel she is not the one who I ever knew before. Yesterday, she felt so angry because of very simple and unimportant thing. She cried, smiled, and laughed. In this hot summer season, her tears just flowed like a huge rain that was accommodated for several days.

And she stopped crying. She said, “I feel I don’t know him.” She always felt confident. Until, she remembered that she found a photo of another girl on that stranger’s notebook. His ex? “Oh no, it has been cloudy recently. But why no rain?” I said. What a silly intermezzo. She started crying again and still, smiling at the same time. I know her. She was tough girl. Before. But now, she is very very easy to cry–crumble and vulnerable. And I? I only can listen to her stories, her cries.

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