If you have someone in charge to manage you or many people, what do you expect from them? I bet, most of us want our leader to understand us well. If we position ourselves as an employee, there will be so many things that we expect from our leader. But how if we position ourselves as a leader? Is it the same or not?

“Choosen as president (leader) is not a final destination. The very first destination is leading (the country) and running the government–which is not easy” – SBY

Working as a leader is not easy. Everyone (should) know(s) that. But, why do most of people seem not understand? Below is just my opinion that I observed around me.

  • No good and clear communication between leaders and subordinates.
  • Leaders think they are good enough as a leader.
  • The leaders think they put their eyes on their subordinates whereas the subordinates can’t see what their leaders do in their position.

So, what good criteria is leader need? I read some books about leadership, and no one of them suggests “be yourself”, be the best of you! You can see the difference right now, huh? Being a leader is not easy. Leader is not God, but leader is required to be more than him/herself, because people follow him/her. We can find so many articles on website about Good and Bad leadership. From What the Dog Saw, written by Malcolm Gladwell, I found interesting article on Chapter 3, about personality, characteristic, and intelligence. At the beginning of 1990s, psychology experts, Robert Hogan, Robert Raskin, and Dan Fazzini wrote brilliant essay, entitled “The Dark Side of Charisma.” Their essay argued that trouble manager can be categorized into 3 types.

  1. High Likability Floater

This leader has good career in his/her company. He/she never face the obstacles because he/she plays safe—never take difficult decision and never has enemy.

  1. Homme de Resentiment

This type always keeps his/her regret and silently plans something to take her/his enemy down.

  1. Narcissist

The last one has interesting characteristic. He/she has energy, confidence and charisma. Manager with this type is one of bad managers. He/she doesn’t want to listen and receive suggestion from others. Sometimes, he/she pretends to listen but in fact he/she rejects. She/he doesn’t believe others could give her/him advantages. “Narcissist Managers tend to hold more meritorious than what it’s seen. Read the rest of this entry

Nine Patch PNG (.9.png)

Did you ever find *.9.png in your Android application folder? This is an image type supported by Android. You will find some Android applications having small images (only some pixels). Usually, it’s used on native Android pop-up or other screens from native. So, what is *.9.png? According to Android Dev’s site, *.9.png or Nine- patch is

..a PNG image in which you can define stretchable regions that Android scales when content within the View exceeds the normal image bounds.

For complete informations and properties how to use it, you can visit the site. So, what is the advantage of using this type of image? How do we make this image?

As far as I know, this type of image can help the developers to reduce apk size from assets side. Using this image, we can reduce the asset size but still get good quality of buttons. Before we start to make new .9.png image, better to know the structure of this image. Below is basic guide map I got from A Simple guide to 9-patch for Android UI.

  • Scalable area

X/Y area that can be scaled based on your customization or text inside it.

  • Fill area

X/Y area for the text/object inside it.


What tool can you use?

  • If you already have android sdk, you can search the tools in ..\sdk\tools\draw9patch.bat. You will see image below at the first time you open this editor.


  • Choose your button.png! I used image below.

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The 20 most popular TED Talks, as of this moment


Another post that wrote about most popular TED talks. Happy watching, bloggers. Because Ideas worth spreading.

Originally posted on TED Blog:

8506166674_27b6649d38_b As 2013 draws to a close, TED is deeply humbled to have posted 1600+ talks , each representing an idea worth spreading. So which ideas have had the most widespread impact? Below, a look at the 20 most-watched talks as of December 2013. These viewership numbers include all the platforms we track: TED.com, YouTube, iTunes, embed and download, Hulu and more.

Some fascinating things to notice on this list, if you’d like to compare and contrast it to the most popular talks in 2012, and to the list we shared back in 2011: Amy Cuddy, Susan Cain, David Blaine and Pamela Meyer are all newcomers to the list, with Cuddy’s talk storming to spot #5 thanks to you sharing it. Meanwhile, Brene Brown’s talk has doubled in its number of views since 2012, with Simon Sinek and Mary Roach’s talks coming close to that line. And finally, Ken…

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The Puppetmaster


Great and interesting thought.

Originally posted on Just Another Story:

It’s amazing how he know everything..
With a lift of a finger, he commands and call names..
And everybody bows, everybody kneels..

It’s fascinating he is dancing..
Following fire, following winds and rains..
And everybody loves, everybody praise his name..

Nobody knows his truth, his darkest desire..
Nobody knows he’s pushing and pulling every strings..
Commanding every moves, even thoughts..

So that everybody keeps struggling..
Against the worlds, against their beliefs..
So that the only hope left is for them to dance along with him..

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Compare and Merge Document in Open Office Calc.

Open Office is one of powerful free products. Open Office is similar to Microsoft Office product, the important point is “It’s free to use“. Now, I want to share one of powerful feature of Open Office Calc–Compare and Merge feature.

If we have 2 .ods files and we want to merge and/or compare the difference between them, Open Office Calc gives us feature to make it easier. Follow steps below.

  1. For example, I have 2 .ods or .xls files. I want to compare my text (Text_Android.ods) to my source text (Text_Master.ods). Open Text_Android.ods using Open Office Calc.

    Your Texts

    Your Texts

  2. You can compare it manually by opening both text file, but it’s not efficient and effective if you have many rows and column of them.

    Manually Compare by opening both text files

    Manually Compare by opening both text files

  3. There’s faster way to compare them. After opening Text_Android.ods, go to Edit > Compare Documents

    Using Compare Feature

    Using Compare Feature

  4. Choose path of the 2nd text you want to compare with. Choose Open.

    Open your 2nd file (Source File)

    Open your 2nd file (Source File)

  5. Open Office Calc will open dialog that contains the differences between 2 ods.

    List of Different Contents

    List of Different Contents

  6. The plus is you can see the description of what the differences.
    • Choose Accept to keep current text (in other words, we accept the difference and we choose to keep the difference using current text–without copying the text from source)
    • Choose Reject to replace current text with the new one from Text_Master.ods (in other words, we reject the difference and we want to make it the same).

Happy trying!



Being interesting is one of important points if you want to be a role model, leader, or important person. Are you already interesting enough to the others? In our life, we can meet natural-born-interesting people. In the other sides, we meet people who are really struggle to be interesting ones. How to be interesting, by Jessica Hagy is one of simple and interesting books to be read. This book contains 10 steps to be more interesting. If you like to read book that gives you short and simple solutions, this is recommended. But still, you need to practice to implement the theories in your real life. And someone who doesn’t have any intention to be interesting, or may be someone who are already interesting, by reading this book, you can know why you or people are so interesting. Moreover, you can know that why success people and/or important people are mostly the interesting people.

If you open this book, there’ll be few texts, but many diagrams. Jessica Hagy tried to explain as simple as she can, so we can understand where are we in each steps. Below are steps she mentioned in her book. I add some my PoV (point of view) on it.

1. Go Exploring

“Explore ideas, places, and opinions. The inside of the echo chamber is where all the boring people hang out.”

Interesting people used to have many topics to be discussed. They can connect to any conversation although they are not an expertise. How did they get their wide knowledge? By exploring anything (good) in this world. And the important part is sharing the new things with others.

2. Share what you discover

“And be generous when you do. Not everybody went exploring with you. Let them live vicariously through your adventures.”

I have new co-worker from Malaysia. She has so many experiences about her ex- co-workers, places, and cultures. She always has something to be told and her stories are interesting and giving me new experiences too by hearing her stories. Sometimes, we need to tell others about our stories–the saddest, the happiest, the most importance, or just so-so stories.
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Panic, Could We Avoid It?

It was really funny when I noticed my friends’ faces while I was playing foosball with them. Before, we did match girls versus boys. Coincidentally we, girls leaded the match. One more point to win and suddenly the guys’ faces became serious–I couldn’t stop laughing then. Have they panicked or choked? I and Nana didn’t think the same–we didn’t expect more. We enjoyed playing–girls versus boys, in a game that needs power and tactic while playing it. If we lose, it’s expected, if we win, it’s a fortune.

Now, did you know the differences between panicking and choked? I read an article of Malcolm Gladwell in his book What The Dog Saw, The Art of Failure—Why Some People Choke and Others Panic? Wimbledon tennis tournament in 1992, Jana Novotna was closed to the victory. She seemed unbeatable by her rival, Steffi Graff, until she did fatal failure, overhead, double fault in her last serve and lost her dream to be a winner. She was well-trained and expertise. So, what did happen to her? She putted so many attentions to audience, started to serve it carefully, thought of theories and her shots, and finally, failed. She looked like beginner.

Choking is a sport colloquialism that means someone’s thinking too much of what she/he wants to do, so that, she/he makes bad performance. However, in stressful condition, explicit system takes over the condition. Jana Novotna lost her flexibility because of too much thinking of her shots. She’d choked, same as other pros, Dragos and Gustavo while I was playing foosball with them. After they realized that I and Nana would win and finish the game, just needed one more point, they became so serious. Dragos started to hit the ball as strong as he could, while Gustavo was struggling to use his tactic to trick me. Dragos used too much power, the ball just bounced back undirectionally. And another thing I remembered is they were starting to say foul words. They were starting to think how they could win the match—thinking of every shots. Because of their situation, girls won. They were choking.  In another match, girls lost. What about panicking? Read the rest of this entry

Plagiarism is A Big Mistake(?)

“We are living in the world that mostly people only care about their private interest.”



We often hear about plagiarism accusation news. Certain company complaints another company which was thought as a thief. People got annoyed when others copied their style, how they are dressing, eating, talking. The world becomes dull, no more innovations. Recently, I heard some people discuss and mock their own office because of non-original game idea. Let’s rethink together what exactly happens in this world.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, What The Dog Saw, I found the article that told about plagiarism. Dorothy Lewis as an author and psychiatrist ever had a problem with a dramatist of Frozen, Breony Levery. I can call it as an inadvertent accident. As Malcolm Gladwell gave the title of his article, “Something Borrowed- Should a Charge of Plagiarism Ruin Your Life?” In 2004, Lewis asked court to against the plagiarism of her book, Guilty by Reason of Insanity. She wrote details of her research, her story, and also some stories of serial killers whom she ever talked before. Until she found many similarities between Frozen’s manuscript and her book. She got the manuscript and started to read it carefully. After she found many similarities, rashly, she canceled her intention to do asking-question section to Levery, and hired a lawyer directly. She thought that Levery was harassing her because the main character of her drama was exactly same as her story—in her biography book.

Words belong to people who wrote them. A short thought of recently opus, even in this age, people concern more in claiming works. Lewis wrote a fax to Levery. She wrote that it’s okay if Levery used her book as her inspiration and putted them as quotes. But, taking them without her license was stealing.

The anticlimax of this story happened to their both sides. Lewis, she said that weirdly she didn’t feel that angry to Levery. She thought that there’s a goodness of being inspiration to other people. But, somehow, she felt that Levery shouldn’t do that. After the court, there was so much news that pointing to Levery’s plagiarism charge. Her reputation was shattered. In other hand, Levery really didn’t understand about that sudden condition—675 similar words to Lewis’ book, that’s too much. I think, perhaps, she ever read the book or article of Lewis. And when she wrote the manuscript, coincidentally she remembered words of what she read before. Unfortunately, she didn’t remember anything about the source. Regretful was she felt and she didn’t know what she should do. Frozen was her great creation ever in her life until unexpected accusation came to her. “It’s been horrible and bloody.” She began to cry. “I’m still composting what happened. It will be for a purpose . . . whatever that purpose is. Read the rest of this entry

Jackie Chan’ s Action Kung Fu – NES

Who doesn’t know Jackie Chan? The most famous actor from Asia. His skill of martial art and boxing can steal world’s attention. Not using any stunt man in his mostly movies, wow! What a strong actor! By looking his face, you know he is kind guy. Having a big smile and small eyes, how Chinese people smiling, imagine it! Yes, like that. He ever attended local Korean variety show, Running Man. As a super star, he is not a kind of self-contained person. His latest movie is Police Story. I agree he is good model to be a main character in video game. Did you ever play as a Jackie Chan in any video game? I ever played one. Let me bring you to the year of this game.

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu  is one of 2D action-adventure platform game in Nintendo Console. Read the rest of this entry

TED — Ideas Worth Spreading

“I found nice talk for you on TED.com”, “Here we go, TEDx event in Jakarta!”, “Recommended video for you about human’s brain.” TED.com?

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader.

Recently, I am active to check what newest good talks on TED.com. You can find so many good talks on TED.com. About technology issues and global issues, from science to  art, about people, about work, and world . “This is smart people’s site.”

Unfortunately, only a few of my friends who are interested to these talks. So that, I wanna share it with you, good talks which I already watched and these are recommended.

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

Brené Brown: Listening to shame

Jane McGonigalGaming can make a better world

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