And when the people start to talk..

when the people are busy to judge..

when they are being stubborn about life, their principles, and rules..

Then it’s the right time..

to listen..

With your heart, to understand what the world wants..

with the brain, to get new knowledge about what we didn’t ever think before..

with patience,  to perceive, to see what others see..


learn . laugh . cry . happy . sad . God . people . you

Study Hard, Play Hard

Study hard, play hard, (plus) work smart. That’s what my sister said to me when I told her that I felt I couldn’t live here, in Seoul. Well, it’s my choice, but sometimes I feel that I was overestimating about living in Korea. Living in Korea is not that easy. Fortunately, there are so many lucks that I’ve got here. First, I have kind professor. He lends me badminton rackets because he knew that I like playing badminton. He lends me wacom pen tablet that, honestly, it doesn’t have any relation to neither my project and my lectures. He invited me and my lab mate to have dinner together with his family and play Nintendo Wii with his son. Thank, Alloh! Second, I have many friends here, among Indonesian and other international students. They always invite me to join a trip. Sometimes, I ask them. This is what I call real energy to live–socialize! Well, already a month living here, I feel that I become more introvert than extrovert I used to be before. Still looking for people with same frequency . Third, some smiles and greetings from Korean people. This is another energy resource for extrovert person like me. With all of these lucks, I know Alloh is always by my side.

Nah, I think you don’t need those stories, because most of my friend only want me to share photos. Huh! Just kidding, fellas. Anyway, as I ever mentioned on previous post before, I already went to some places here. This week, after praying for ‘Ied al Adha, me and friends have a plan to go to Nami Island. They said that there’s a beautiful view in autumn. At the first time I arrived in Seoul, I directly went to Itaewon. There’s big mosque there, although Indonesia has bigger mosque, but, yes, it’s big. There’s a phenomenon that I saw there. So many non-muslim who also come there, for just taking a photo. Why? I asked my friends and they told me if there’s a place, under the mosque, that’s different 180 degree to the mosque itself. Yes, they said there’s transgender bar, right under the mosque. You can imagine it. For me, that’s rational reason to make this place as tourism object.

Banpo bridge with Han River and completed by water fountain on it. Everyday, around at 7-9 pm, there’s a show of water fountain in this area. Well, in Indonesia, may be it’s similar to alun-alun. The difference is only it’s next to river. Many korean people chose to spend their night here. They will bring their family, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or just friends to enjoy the water fountain there. And if you’re lucky, there will be fireworks show between that time.

Everland. When you will be heartfelt to give 25,000 WON for just playing in this area.  Like a child, we run, laugh, scream together. Being really over excited like we never see this playground before. Well, we didn’t. I tried Roller Coaster, Let’s Twist, and the most I remember about Everland is it’s T-Express. Woah! This wooden roller coaster will make you feel like dying, but still can laugh and scream while riding it. Beside the playground, there are so many accessories shops there. It’s dangerous! Because in that time, I still didn’t get my salary, and there were so many cute accessories that I wanted to buy for my niece and nephew. And finally, as expected, I bought some. That was still my 1.5 week and I already bought gift for my family–ahaha. Read the rest of this entry

It’s a Brand New Day

“It’s a brand new day.. The sun is shining, it’s a brand new day..
For the first time and such a long long time, I know, I’ll be okay..”
Brand New Day – Joshua Radin

It’s like a dream. Finally, South Korea (Republic of Korea). And here, I’d chose to start my new journey with all consequences I might face.

. . . . . .

Living as Minority

“So, this is the feeling of living as minority” –

Korea, a country that most of its people don’t have any religion. I found some church and temple here, but as I met people and talked about their religion, they chose not to have any religion. Interesting for me, because it makes me think the reason why they chose that way. But, in another hand, it makes me feel so lonely somehow. I often feel misguided that I heard adzan when praying time’s coming. But, I realized then, it’s just korean song. Adapting.

Living as minority is quite challenging. In Indonesia, I never felt like this because I could find many muslim there. Currently, in my campus, only me who use hijab. Being a center of attention while walking is a funny experience. Some people just stared and saw my hijab. Yes, it’s common if they ask about why I always cover my hair with “that stuff“. My lab mate, korean guy, ever asked me whether I still use hijab while sleeping. Difficult and challenging, because we need to be smart and patient while explaining, using simple language but still clear and easy to understand. If I made it into book, it’s kind of Islam from dummies–ahaha. I think I can beat other for-dummies books easily.

Besides, I’m living in international dorm. It’s mixed dorm, for guys and girls, but for each room, it’s all girls or all guys. My roommates are 2 Vietnamese-s and 1 Pakistani. Alhamdulillah, the Pakisatani is a muslim too. Sometimes, we explain about our religion and faith to the Vietnamese-s, because we have different rules in our daily life. It’s interesting to explain about what we believe to others.

But, as I’ve already lived here for a couple of weeks, I realize that living as minority doesn’t mean we have to remove or hide our identity as what we used to be. We don’t need to put the hijab off. We keep being picky of what we want to eat and drink. We still greet other moslems using salaam that we used to use in our country (“Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh – May the peace, the mercy, and the blessings of Allah be upon you.”), and many things that we still can do. The moment that made me cry before was when me and friends went to Han River and coincided with Maghrib time. My friends told me that I had to get used to take wudhu on public toilet, specially on sink. Then we prayed in public area, the roadside, because Korea has wide sidewalk for pedestrians. It made me sad and also felt, “Oh God, anywhere and anytime, I have to be strong and keep praying to You.”  Another spiritual journey.

Me with one Vietnamese students

Me with one Vietnamese students

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Outlast::Blending in with the darkness

Oh, common! Are you kidding me? You are just a journalist. Do you need to go to this creepy asylum?” That was my first expression during the intro cinematic–yes, too early to be scared. Outlast, made and published by Red Barrels. This game provides awesome experiences for the players. Equipped only by camcorder which has limited battery makes this game looks so real terrifying.

You are Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter whose ambition is about to earn him an intimate tour of hell on earth. Always willing to risk digging into the stories no other journalist would dare investigate, you will seek out the dark secret at the heart of Mount Massive Asylum.“―Outlast Prologue

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Zombie Tsunami::Keep running as Cutie Zombie

“Brain! Brain! Brain!” Infect unfortunate survival and make them as our troops!

Zombie Tsunami

We can find so many endless-run games for our mobile phones these days, but Zombie Tsunami gives us unique experience. With various background and many kinds of attachments, this endless-run game becomes addicting game. Different to our imagination, Mobigame gives us different image of this creepy creature. We know that tsunami and zombie are horrible and creepy things, one is terrifying disaster and another one is creepy creature. But, the developers of this game combine and draw both of those things in different way, far from the image that we used to know.

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Steal Like An Artist :: The Art of Stealing

X : “You rip-off my work without any permission.”

Y : “How could you say that? I didn’t rip-off your work. I just did a research by combining some ideas into the new one. I made my own.”

X :”No! That’s my idea. You should put credit on your work.”

Y :”Don’t you see the footnote on my work?”

X: “I will never share my work again.”

Y : “It’s up to you.”

Nowadays, we can see many similar stuffs in our life, not only stuffs but also traits in our life. Can we judge them as a form of plagiarism? Written by Austin Kleon, Steal like an artist, will help us to understand more about the true meaning of plagiarism and how to keep us creative by sharing our works and stealing. Stealing? It sounds like bad trait to be creative, doesn’t it? Let’s dig this book deeper!

Steal Like An Artist

Steal Like An Artist

“10 Things nobody told you about being creative.”

I ever wrote posting about plagiarism (Plagiarism is A Big Mistake(?)). Breony stopped writing traumatically because accusation of plagiarism from Levery. Honestly, it’s quite tragic, plagiarism accusation is alleged easily,especially in industry that’s forcing us to be creative everyday. Austin Kleon gives us different point of view about being creative without being afraid someone will rob our ideas or works. How? Read the rest of this entry

See ya, Yogyakarta!

last trip at Pantai Indrayanti

last trip at Pantai Indrayanti

What a pleasure to work with great people in great company. Last Friday was my last day working in Gameloft Indonesia. Did you ever work in game dev company? If yes, I bet you know how interesting it is. Beside the unique culture of working, the people are unique and interesting too. We can use casual clothes when we’re working. I used to use slipper when working. Playing and laughing everyday. Well, we are playing while working and working while playing. Bug fixing and designing were some of my main tasks as Game Designer in Gameloft, but still, I needed to play the game to check it. What a happy life.

Happy news and sad news to get scholarship from Seoul. Happy that I can achieve one of my dreams and sad at the same time that I need to leave my besties in Gameloft. Working in game company is new experience to me. Before graduated from my institute, I only heard about office life in governmental offices–using uniform, boring routine, and so many boring activities I heard, except from my father, he was a lecturer who used to get projects and flied from one town to another town. Working in Gameloft was my best experience in my life. I started from zero as Junior Game Designer. Learning about the tools and game concept. One of my best chances while working in Gameloft was I could learn from many people in there about somethings new. I could learn about programming from programmer and art from artist. I even could improve my communication skill and my English by communicating with them. I had native teachers in there.
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BADLAND::Worth to be Played

BadlandBadland is one of mobile games installed on my smart phone. I’m not a big fan of mobile games so I’m picky enough to install certain games on my smartphone. This game has good rating on Google Play Store4.5 out of 5, given by 515,079 users. Don’t worry, this game is available on App Store and Windows Phone Market too. This game has its unique parts as a mobile game. Let’s dissect this game to each part.

When you see the icon of this game, do you know what kind of main character it is? The developers called it as Clony– the fluffy puffy creature. Badland is side-scrolling action adventure platformer game and physics-based gameplay. At first time we play it, this game looks like endless runner, but actually it’s mission based game with different difficulty in each level, so that, we can include survival genre into its genre.

If you ever played Flappy Bird, yes, this game is using similar method, but much better. Tap the screen to make this tiny creature flies. More long you tap, more flaps you create to make this clony keep flying. We have to control the clony to avoid every obstacles and enemies in this game. Don’t be eroded by those dangerous gears and any sharp obstacle!

Beside gears and levers, we can find object which is like bombs or toxic spores that can make you explode. The challenge of this game is the collectable items which look similar to the obstacle and there’s no hint to show us whether the objects are dangerous or not. We need to learn and do trial and error in each level to know the rule of each level. At the first level, this game looks so easy. But, for the next levels, we can feel more difficult flow and design in it. We can find new power-ups after we jump to the next higher levels. The variation of the level designs and its game mechanics make this game always fun to be played.

There are some items that give our tiny fluffy creature certain power. We can find plethora to multiply the number of our clony. We can find item that can enlarge our character or shrink it. Make it lighter or heavier and it makes the level more difficult of easier at some levels.

Simple, but beautiful. Read the rest of this entry

Selamat Hari Lebaran 1435H

'ied al fitr

Ramadhan.. Like an Old Friend


Ramadhan already left me. So many things I’ve met in this holy month—the month that’s full of bliss. “Ramadhan moon, like an old friend.. Ramadhan moon.” That’s part of Ramadhan moon lyric, Yusuf Islam’s song that tell us about what happens in Ramadhan—what a lovely song, what a peaceful song. We already saw there were so many unforgettable moments that coincidentally happen in this moment.

Presidential Election

We just passed the presidential election with all its conflict until now. Starting with presidential debate until the election day when I couldn’t use my right to choose one of them—bureaucracy and okay, I was lazy one to arrange my right to vote from Jember to Yogyakarta. What was your action in that moment? Being neutral? Standing on one side to another? Doesn’t care of anything? Observing? Or doing anything else? If we chose to learn and observe about the situation, actually, there’re so many things that could give us new knowledge about politics and how we face it. “So you pretend to be expertise in politics?” Nope. We just learn from this situation. Which will you choose? Learning something new and taking the gist of the situation, then choosing the right way to face this situation or acting like you know everything by just seeing and believing news from one side or unclear sources?

man voting on elections in indonesia in front of flag

Perhaps some of you will say I’m not in the right position to give opinion about Presidential Election—may be you’re right. You already saw many phenomenal in our beloved country, right? Recent election was full of issues and its interesting stuffs. As far as I’m staying in Indonesia, this election is one of moments in Indonesia that’s full of enthusiastic. I never missed the debates. I heard people’s opinions. I observed the moderators in each debate. I saw the reactions of each team member. I saw reaction of people through the social media and discussion. Unfortunately, I saw smart people becoming dumb; people who didn’t know about politic becoming smart instantly. Now, which side are you?

Mostly Indonesian and may be mostly people tend to process information instantly and judge directly without learning and observing the information first. Tolerance and smart people are really needed in this country. Where are they? Perhaps they chose to silent or they chose to not care about all of these messy stuffs or their voices are covered by other unnecessary voices and opinions or people chose to close their ear from good stuffs. Read the rest of this entry


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